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3D Compounding Versatility

DoseRx1 uses Semi-solid Extrusion (SSE) technology, coupled with reusable cartridges and 3D printing in a unique GMP-compliant package! This enables precise and accurate printing of drug formulations at low temperatures. DoseRx1 can print exceptional quality and uniformity on the tablets surfaces, illustrating a lack of defects and robust layer integrity. The printed tablets demonstrate outstanding quality with minimal weight variability.

Our pharmaceutics team is ready to help you create novel formulations and dosages that meet your patients' needs.

  • Cartridge options

5 mL

For smaller batches and smaller oral dosages

This cartridge is optimised for the production of tablets within the range of 25 to 200 mg, but it can print larger tablets too.


40 mL

For larger batches and larger oral dosages

This cartridge is suitable for the production of tablets up to 1200 mg. The 40 mL is suitable for larger batches due to it's larger capacity.



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Configuration options

Customize your DoseRx1

The DoseRx1 comes with two printhead carrying units and one printhead which can be customized based on your needs (5ml or 40ml cartridges). This enables highly precise dosages, the inclusion of multiple active ingredients (polypharmacy) and excipients of your oral dose, and the addition of taste and color. 

You have the option to include one or multiple additional printheads with the desired cartridge sizes for operating DoseRx1 at its full capacity. This enables the fabrication of a wider range of tablet sizes, the production of tapering schemes,  the production of sensitive polypharmaceutical formulations, the engineering of complex release profiles, and scaling up the production line.



Cartridge Options


Printheads built-in


Infinite Dosages
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