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Doser Ecosystem 


Doser ecosystem
Immediate Application

Start Creating 3D Printed Medicine

Doser's team can help you start right away with creating semi-solid formulations. You can compound and print any formulation for your DoseRx1 without limitations. You can manufacture pre-filled cartridges and produce a batch of 3D-printed medication on demand and even sell cartridges if you want!

You can register each novel formulation that you create with Doser. This enables you to earn up to 25% royalties over each printed dose globally, powered by the community fee.

💰 Royalty Earnings Estimator 



Global Collaboration 

Redefine Compounding Together 


The ecosystem is your online hub to find DoseRx1 printing facilities, offer printing services, formulation development services or share prefilled cartridges with other compounding pharmacies. 

Offer Formulation Services

Manufacture and exchange cartridges

Produce Custom Batches

Users of the DoseRx1 pay a community fee per printed dose to support the community and reward program.

Quality and Traceability

Cartridge Compounding

5 and 40 mL Cartridge Options

Quality Controlled, Serialised, Traceable

Dishwasher Safe and Autoclave Proof

The DoseRx1 uses semi-solid extrusion as the main principle behind the 3D printing capabilities. This adds a myriad of benefits over powder and filament-based printing techniques such as low water attraction, better stability due to low temperatures, and versatility of local and larger scale manufacturing of reusable cartridges. 

Join the 3D compounding community

Introduce the DoseRx1 to your pharmacy!