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I pre-ordered DoseRx1. What comes next?

After you pre-ordered DoseRx1, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive guides regarding the ecosystem and Dosers Semi Solid Extrusion technology and compounding system.

When your delivery date nears, you can finalize your printer configuration. We plan to deploy preorders in Q3 of 2024. 

What is the Doser Ecosystem?

The Doser Ecosystem is an online platform that encourages pharmacists to share their newly developed formulations and access other formulations from different pharmacy specialists. Knowledge exchange and world-wide collaboration are at the heart of this Ecosystem.

How do you become a member? After your pre-order reservation of the DoseRx1, you will receive an invite to join the Doser Ecosystem. 

What is a community fee?
To ensure that everyone that contributes to the Doser Ecosystem with knowledge and formulations get's rewarded, we've created a Community fee for each commercial dose printed. Every DoseRx1 user pays a fixed fee per commercial dose. Doser will derive royalties up to 25% to Ecosystem members who register formulations with Doser!
How can I increase my revenue with the DoseRx1 and the Doser Ecosystem?

Firstly, the DoseRx1 standardizes and automates the compounding process. This speeds up critical workflows and enables the production of a variety of medications and dose requirements using a single easy-to-implement system and workflow. 

Secondly, you can earn up to 25% royalties per dose derived from the community fee when you make your novel formulation available to the Ecosystem. This revenue is passive and uncapped. This means that each time another pharmacy uses your formulation IP, you receive up to 25% royalties.

As a bonus, we enable collaboration through a unique marketplace where, you can sell your own services such as:

  • Offering Formulation development services for DoseRx1

  • Producing Custom Medication Batches to order for other pharmacies

  • Offering Pre-filled Cartridges to other DoseRx1 users in the ecosystem
How do I know if somebody is using my formulation in their DoseRx1?
We've got you covered. Every cartridge has a serial number and is managed in a traceable directory that ensures the use of the cartridges is continuously documented. With it, we can track the formulations that are being printed.
Why do you offer the DoseRx1 as a service?
It's important to us that your DoseRx1 always functions properly. This is why we offer the system with a service, maintenance, and future upgrades all included in your monthly service fee. This ensures that your DoseRx1 always works! There are options to purchase the printer, contact us to discuss further.
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